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Attic furniture

We have been creating original, intelligent and efficient custom furniture solutions for 30 years.

From the idealization of the project to beyond manufacturing and installation, we are with you.

Ideia de móveis para sótão

Attic Furniture

We have extensive experience in using attics with custom furniture projects. In this often forgotten space we were able to create offices, bedrooms, storage cupboards, living rooms... The choice is always yours.




Custom Functionality

3D project

Professional Delivery and Assembly

Attic Furniture

O nosso Portfolio

Get inspired by the attic furniture projects already carried out for our clients.

Gain an extra room in your home by taking advantage of your attic.

Our designers are ready to carry out your project and give the best advice.

Each client, a project. Tell us what you need.

Uma sala e quarto no sótão

Attic furniture that does more

The attic can be used not only to store those objects that you don't use every day, but to create multifunctional and comfortable spaces where it is a pleasure to spend time and sleep. It could be the ideal solution to create a more independent space in the house.

Escritório no Sótão

Office and storage

If you have an attic and need an office, why not use that space to create your workspace? With our custom-made attic furniture you can create the office you need, without losing storage.

Attic room

A complete attic room

A well-planned attic can create a functional, beautiful and comfortable room. It can include wardrobes, a bed and even a small office.

How it works
in 5 steps

1. Diga-nos o que precisa

Quer já tenha uma ideia do móvel que quer ou apenas saiba que precisa de arrumar as suas coisas ou aproveitar melhor um espaço da sua casa, mas ainda não sabe como...

Os nossos designers experientes estão prontos a ajudar a definir a melhor ideia para o seu caso específico.

Cada cliente, um projecto. Fale connosco!

What our customers say...

Rui C.

"GenesisDecor, TOP company, whenever I need them, I've been a customer for 16 years, 100% satisfied, Thank you!
(a special hug for Hugo)"

You may also be interested...

  • I want to know the price of a piece of furniture I saw on the website, how do I do it?
    The furniture we present on the website are projects already created for clients, tailored to their storage needs, personal taste and available space. They are not standard furniture, nor do we have furniture stock. Therefore, no two pieces of furniture have the same price. Prices always vary according to each client's choices, dimensions, materials and finishes chosen. Therefore, we are only able to provide prices upon completion of a project and a specific budget for your case. Book a store visit with our designers to get your project and quote .
  • Are estimates free?
    Yes, the quote for your furniture project is free. To guarantee an enlightening service, the project is presented in store. This way, right away, our designers can quickly present alternatives and make any changes you want to your bespoke furniture solution. Schedule your visit to the store to find out the value of your project.
  • Do you make home visits?
    Yes, depending on the needs of the project in question. Sometimes, the customer can send measurements of the space that will receive the furniture. However, when it comes to complex spaces or projects, a home visit is useful so that the designer can understand your needs and create the best project for your space. If you have any questions, contact us so we can clarify.
  • Do you make furniture for crooked walls, with beams or columns? What about attics and stairwells?
    Yes, custom-made furniture can be adapted to fit any space: crooked walls, walls with beams or columns, stairwells, sloping ceilings such as attics or any other difficult space.
  • What are the advantages of GenesisDecor custom-made furniture compared to ready-made furniture?
    With Genesisdecor you will be supported by a professional designer throughout the entire process to maximize the available space, complete customization of the design, superior quality of materials and finishing, and perfect integration with the style and aesthetics of your environment.
  • What types of Hidden Wall Beds do you have?
    We have double and single wall beds, built into cabinets and which can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the best solution for your specific project. These beds can have desks or be bunk beds, for example.
  • Do you have electric Hidden Wall Beds?
    Yes, we sell electric wall beds.
  • Do you sell mattresses for beds?
    We only sell mattresses as part of the bedroom furniture or hidden wall bed projects we carry out.
  • Do you make custom desks?
    We carry out projects for complete office furniture, which can be integrated into a bedroom or living room, for example. We don't produce just one desk.
  • Do you sell wardrobe doors?
    We only sell wardrobe doors for wardrobes designed and manufactured by GenesisDecor. There are two reasons to work this way: generally, changing doors involves reconfiguring the interior of the wardrobe so as not to lose functionality and, therefore, it is best to always replace the entire wardrobe. The second reason is that we have no control over the quality of materials and hardware chosen by other companies or carpenters.

Talk to us

Precisa de funcionalidade e organização na sua casa, mas não sabe qual a melhor solução?

Faça o seu projecto de móveis por medida com os nossos designers experientes.

Já tem uma ideia e medidas do que quer? Conte-nos! 

Estamos aqui para aconselhar e conseguir a melhor solução para o seu espaço.

Sempre com projecto 3D e orçamento personalizado.

Cada cliente, um projecto.
Diga-nos o que precisa.

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